16 Times Pixar And Disney Have Edited Details In Their Films To Suit Different Countries

Have you ever noticed that movies can have different versions depending on the country? It’s like your favorite fast-food chains adapting their menus to suit local tastes. The same goes for popular films, especially those from Disney and Pixar.

You may be surprised to learn that certain scenes in your beloved animations are altered to match the cultural context of different countries. Whether it’s Inside Out, Zootopia, or Moana, these films can have noticeable changes in various regions around the world.

Join us as we take a fascinating glimpse into some of these modifications. Discover how beloved movies are tailored to resonate with diverse audiences. Scroll down and explore the intriguing variations in our selection of international adaptations!


#1 Cars: Agent Harv Has A Different Accent Depending On Country

#2 Cars: Jeff Gorvette Changes Appearance And Is Based On Famous Race Drivers Of Different Countries

#3 Coco: Title Change In Brazil

#4 Inside Out: Bing Bong Reads A Sign Out Loud

#5 Inside Out: Riley Rejecting Broccoli vs. Green Peppers

#6 Inside Out: Riley’s Dad Daydreaming About Hockey vs. Soccer

#7 Moana: Released With A Different Title In Italy Due To A Controversial Adult Movie Actress With The Same Name

#8 Monsters University: Greek Letters As “Scary Font” For International Audiences

#9 Monsters University: Cupcakes For English vs. International Viewers

#10 Planes: Rochelle Changes Appearance Depending On Country

#11 Ratatouille: The French Version Has The Letter That Remy Found Rewritten In French, Instead Of Just Adding The Subtitles

#12 Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear’s Speech

#13 Up: “My Adventure Book” Is Translated Into Different Languages

#14 Up: Paradise Falls vs. Hand Drawn Picture Of The Falls For Better Clarity

#15 Wreck It Ralph: Minty Zaki Becomes Minty Sakura In The Japanese Version Of The Movie

#16 Zootopia: Different Newscasters

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