Team Of Digital Artists Collaborate To Create The Coolest Disney Princess Zodiac Series

METITart is a collaborative effort in Vietnam to connect young artists in and near the city of Chi Minh. They have said that all of the digital artists who work with them have the “same passion” for digital painting.

Many of the digital artists who collaborate with METITart are freelance illustrators who have their own respective businesses and often METITart is taking submissions from artists to be featured on their social media platforms. However, sometimes METITart leads the way in bringing a group of digital artists together to work on a singular project.

In the last year, this has included a really cool Sailor Moon series and the Disney Princess Zodiac Signs. 12 Vietnamese artists who specialize in digital art each contributed a princess illustration to represent a different Zodiac sign, culminating in a 12-piece series that represented all of the Zodiac signs.

With little more than a prompt and an idea, these 12, talented artists each created a stunning work of art that became a part of something bigger, and you have to appreciate what it takes for 12 different individuals to work together to create a single project!

If you want to check out more of the artwork featured by METITart, you can follow them on Facebook!

The descriptions and artists for each Disney Princess representing Zodiac signs in the article are as follows:

Merida – Scorpio by TRAAM – Trâm Taro

Rapunzel – Sagittarius by Linlinbeebee

Elsa – Aquarius by Khang Lam

Cinderella – Virgo by Truc Tiny Nguyen

Snow White – Cancer by HaiNgoc

Tiana – Capricorn by Rikki Lee

Pocahontas – Leo by Luanix

Mulan – Gemini by Phan Dung Tú

Aurora – Libra by Amichan

Belle – Taurus by Phoebe Lac

Jasmine – Aries by NekoCuong

Ariel – Pisces by ShinChubby

The Disney Zodiac Princesses was METITart’s first collaborative project but it wasn’t their last and we can only hope we’ll have opportunities in the future to see what they inspire groups of artists to collaborate on! You can follow METITart on Facebook and Behance.

What did you think of the choices made regarding which princess would represent which symbol? Let us know your thoughts in the comment sections now!

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