Transforming Streets with a Smile! How Googly Eyes Are Making Broken Things Come Alive in Bulgaria!

The whimsical art form known as ‘eyebombing’ has been spreading joy around the globe, and it has recently taken root in Bulgaria, thanks to the creative endeavors of a street artist named Vanyu Krastev. This practice involves adorning inanimate objects, particularly those that are broken or worn down, with googly eyes, instantly transforming them into characters with personality. The simple addition of these wobbly eyes can turn a mundane item into a source of delight.

More info: eyebombing (h/t: dytboredpanda)

Googly eyes come in a variety of sizes, from the tiny 4.8mm to the large 76mm, and are typically crafted from a clear, hard plastic shell. Inside this shell, a movable black disc gives the illusion of a lively gaze. Available in multiple colors, these eyes have the power to bestow an animated presence upon any object they’re attached to.

The initiative behind eyebombing goes beyond mere decoration; it’s about altering perception and infusing humor into the everyday. The movement aims for widespread placement of googly eyes to break the monotony of daily life and spark joy in those who encounter these quirky creations. Unlike other forms of street art, eyebombing is not about the artist’s ego or reputation; it’s a selfless act of artistry meant to entertain and amuse the public.

In essence, eyebombing is a testament to the power of simple gestures to make a significant impact on our daily experiences, proving that a little creativity can go a long way in brightening people’s days.



















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