Disney Characters Look Utterly Incredible In This Illustrative Series

When you have a life-long love for Disney, it’s not terribly surprising when you channel those dedicated to Disney feelings into your hobbies and interests. For artist and illustrator Dimitris Karakousis, that meant bringing his incredible talent and skill to life. In what he’s described as “magical realism,” Dimitris has created quite the portfolio of […]


Transforming Streets with a Smile! How Googly Eyes Are Making Broken Things Come Alive in Bulgaria!

The whimsical art form known as ‘eyebombing’ has been spreading joy around the globe, and it has recently taken root in Bulgaria, thanks to the creative endeavors of a street artist named Vanyu Krastev. This practice involves adorning inanimate objects, particularly those that are broken or worn down, with googly eyes, instantly transforming them into […]

Fun stuff

Light up your campsite! This self-charging tent rope glows at night, keeping trips and falls at bay.

Camping is all fun and games until someone trips over a tent rope in the dark. We’ve all been there, right? The sudden stumble, the near-miss with the tent or campfire. But here’s a game-changer: a glow-in-the-dark tent rope. This isn’t just any rope; it absorbs sunlight during the day and radiates a soft glow […]


Discover the magic on the streets! Ememem, a talented French artist, is turning ordinary pavement cracks into vibrant mosaic masterpieces.

Art possesses the power to turn the mundane into the magnificent. Ememem, a French artist, harnesses this transformative energy to mend cracks in pavements, sidewalks, and building exteriors. Instead of just filling these imperfections, he turns them into vibrant mosaic masterpieces. These urban art pieces, adorned with geometric designs and a burst of colors, contrast […]