Artist Uses Makeup To Transform Real People Into Disney Villians

Makeup may not be seen as traditional art by everyone, but Audrey Logeais, a talented French makeup artist, would strongly disagree. Her extraordinary transformations using makeup will make you question your perception. Audrey specializes in turning ordinary people into Disney villains, solely relying on her makeup skills. The results are so astonishing that you’ll be […]


Florida Mom Perfectly Illustrates Our Quarantine Struggles With Her Amazing Disney Chalk Art

Life can be tough, especially when we face difficult times alone. But finding others who share our struggles can bring a sense of comfort and support. Meet Casey Drake, a talented artist and mother of two from Winter Park, Florida. She has captured our quarantine problems and struggles through her incredible sidewalk chalk artworks. Casey’s […]


30 Hilarious One-Panel Comics Full Of Absurd Situations And Goofy Humor By Karlo Ferdon

Get ready to dive into a world of artistic expression and humor with the incredible comics of Karlo Ferdon! This talented artist has mastered the art of wordless storytelling through his minimalistic and eloquent one-panel comics. Prepare to be entertained by the funny, absurd, and ironic moments captured in Carlo’s unique style. From a young […]