Immediate Ending Of Disney Movies

Disney has a huge influence specially on children’s imagination and it also shape their beliefs and values. We watch Disney characters who help their friends so, because of it childres also learn to help others. These movies taught us so many good things like- true beauty is on the inside, never give up on your […]


Honest Comics Artist Draws Her Life And Relationship Struggles (30 Comics)

Artist Paula from Colombia is addicted to podcasts, loves animals and notably her bed. She is 24- year- old and she is also known as Pautipeep on Instagram. She has over 113k followers on Instagram. Paula enjoys illustrating comics and her favorite things include her over- sized colorful clothes, brothers, wise words, therapy and susi. […]


This Guy Photoshops Disney Characters Into His Photos To Make His Life A Little More Fun

Our generation has grown up watching Disney movies and shows. For decades many of us have been getting inspired by Disney characters. Even when we get older the appreciation towards Disney does not change. Disney world always has something for everyone whether it be a child or an adult. Fans seem to love playing with […]