This Artist Creates Comics With Absurd Situations And Random Twists (19 Pics)

Do you believe in heaven or hell? If you do or do not these comics by “Awesome Tales Comics” will definitely make you smile. 

When you find life hard to bear, you can always head to the virtual world, for unlimited fun & Humor Reading Dark comics is one way a lot of people pass their time and enjoy some Fun And Hilarious Content. 

Artist usually makes their artwork with dark humor but for this series, they have made it a little heartwarming. Dark comics are short and spontaneous and communicated by just a few dialogues. 

Their comics are thematic which means they follow a theme throughout the series. The one we are talking about today is based upon Heaven, hell, and dogs, very cute dogs. Some of the illustrations also show some unexpected endings and random twits here and there. 

Artist draws characters and writes text around it to make a scene and it is hilarious combined.

We all love dogs because they are adorable, loyal, cute and most importantly they are a mans best friend. They are like angels without wings god sent for us to make life a little easy. The comic is quirky and hilarious. It touches on sensitive topics like death and life after death.

People just love artists’ humorous way of portraying serious subjects. The illustrations are so smart and they all have a meaning behind them.

Scroll down and find some of our best picks from “Awesome Tales Comics”.

#1 Battle to heaven

#2 It is too late now

#3 Laser Dinos

#4 Best friends

#5 Bros Game

#6 Red Triangle Halo

#7 Worst of its kind

#8 It is all fine

#9 Brain Malfunction

#10 The Toad God

#11 Sad Realization

#12 Such a Sweet guy

#13 Mission accomplished

#14 Sums it up good

#15 Afterlife is good

#16 Accio ‘Good Boys’

#17 Chihuahuas are real Devils

#18 Little angels

#19 True Friend

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