Artist Creates 20 Cute Relatable Comics About Life As A Couple

Every person is different hence every relationship is unique. Be it a relationship you are born with or the ones you choose by yourself, it’s special in its way. We all have moments in life that we think are weird and sometimes it is more common than we think. Many couples have their crazy weird moments that are not much different. People usually think that being in a relationship means living only cute and cuddly moments whereas reality is much different.

To depict all the fun of a romantic relationship an artist named Anjali Srivastava aka  “anjali_comics based in India started drawing comics about her relationship with her partner.



Her illustrations feature the special bond and amusing moments spent with her partner. The best part about Anjali’s artwork is that it is so relatable to many as they are able to identify with her work. Anyone who has been in a relationship would be able to relate to her content in one way or the other. 


According to the artist, the inspiration to create more comics comes from the audience’s support and being able to put a smile on their faces. She also stated that it is a great feeling and responsibility to know that people are looking forward to seeing her comics every Sunday night. 

People just love Anajli’s work and do not shy away from showing that. They often express their love to her by DMing her pictures of them comparing the characters just looking like them. 



Talking about her childhood Anjali stated that she has always been fascinated by comics and doodles and has always been good at drawing and illustrating. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and learned the basics of design and illustration. She also learned software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
















“Our art is inspired by our daily life instances and more than 90% of my posts are based on real-life incidents and 10% on wild over-dramatic imagination. And we are glad that our audience finds it relatable.” said the artist.

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