Artist Reveals The Unsettling Behind-The-Scenes Of Popular Characters

Today we are introducing you to an amazing artist named Alex Solis who is a master of turning pop culture icons on their head. He is an American illustrator and is enough to ruin your childhood memories.


He has created a series named “Unpopular Culture” where he has reimagined some of the famous characters from our childhood. Alex features characters from well-known entertainment productions like  Disney, Nintendo, and Nickelodeon. Alex has brought a fresh and different perspective on our favorite animated characters. 

His take on these recreations is far from normal and unique. These illustrations are set to leave you with a slightly unsettling feeling. Even after being a little weird and different, these illustrations are hard to miss and harder to stop looking at. The more you scroll the more these creepy versions of the characters you love. If you like dark plots and unexpected twists, these pictures are for you.

Alex started posting in the early two thousand and till now has created more than hundreds of quirky illustrations. He has a bachelor’s degree in design and a master’s degree in web development. According to the artist learning programming and design helped him improve his art by giving it a more visual and concept-driven approach.

#1 Its a whole new person

#2 This looks a little sus to me

#3 Enjoying the circle of life

#4 The reality behind closed doors is always different.

#5 Ooo so this is how superheroes are made…

#6 The struggle of progression is real

#7 you can be whatever you want in your life.

#8 Crossdressing is a real talent these days.

#9 Wish this is how magic worked

#10 Following the protocols

#11 They look like sides of a coin.

#12 Batman is tired now

#13 Nothing to be sus about

#14 Story of every trolls life

#15 Here comes the real princes

#16 Monsters under the bed

#17 Modern dinner dates

#18 Tiring eyes

#19 Social mask.

#20 Constant battle

#21 Gotta show the practice.

#22 Smart one

#23 Poor decision

#24 When became a ninja

#25 That escalated quickly


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