13 Celeb Moms Dressed Up Like Their Children, and We Think They’re Adorable

Celebrities are often either making trends or following trends on the internet. Dress matching is one of those trends that are going around these days. Be it with your best friends or your partner matching outfits have become a thing. 

One of these trends is matching outfits with kids. There are many instances where celeb moms have seen twining with their kids. It has become such a popular trend that even many famous brands have started making matching clothes for parents and kids. 

From swimsuits dresses to even casuals people are styling their kids to be the mini versions of them. This would be one of the cutest trend on the internet today.

More and celebrities are posting the pictures with the little miniature versions of them. This the trend that we have seen from kardasians to Madonna do it.

We have selected some the cutest pictures of celeb moms matching outfits with their children. Scroll down and below and tell us with celeb twinings did you like the most.

#1 Kourtney Kardashian with her daughter, Penelope.

#2 Jessica Alba with her daughter, Haven.

#3 Viviana Ortiz and her daughter, Paulina

#4 Eva Longoria and her son, Santiago

#5 Kim Kardashian with her children and Kanye

#6 Guadalupe Rodríguez with her daughter, Jennifer Lopez.

#7 Mariah Carey with her children, Moroccan and Monroe.

#8 Gisele Bündchen with her daughter, Vivian Lake.

#9 Beyoncé with her daughter, Blue Ivy.

#10 Madonna with her daughters, Estere and Stelle.

#11 Khloé Kardashian with her daughter, True.

#12 Chrissy Teigen with her daughter, Luna.

#13 Kylie Jenner with her daughter, Stormi.

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