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30 Surprising Disney Movie Details You Probably Never Noticed

#1 Inside Out has a separate fan base.

#2 Hercules:  The Rug That Hercules Throws Over Himself Is Scar From The Lion King.

#3 Frozen: At the End Credit of the Film Disney Included A Statement About Kristoff’s Belief That All Men Eat Their Own Boogers. 

#4 Toy Story: Sid From Toy Story Is The Garbage Man In Toy Story 3.

#5 Cars: The Truck Stop Advertises “Convertible Waitresses”. Topless.

#6 In 2017’s Beauty & The Beast: Even after Cogsworth becomes a human his mustache is still uneven like the clock.

#7 Zootopia: The Pun Names On Judy Hopps’ Ipod are hilarious.

#8 Moana: One Of The Kakamora Is Painted Like Baymax From Big Hero 6.

#9 Pirates of Carribian: The amount of attention to detail Davy Jones Using His Tentacles To Hold On His Hat When They Were Going Down On Water.

#10 Up: The Town Buildings Develop Over The Years.

#11 Zootopia: Finally an achievement for the animation world.

#12 Did you know James bond actor was in “As The Force Awakens”.Daniel Craig was shooting at the same studio for his movie “Spectre” and decided to stop by and gave a cameo.

#13 The Emperor’s New Groove: When Yzma pours her drink into the cactus it turns into a Llama.

#14 Moana:  A Villager Foreshadows The Chicken’s Unsuccessful Attempt To Consume Maui.

#15 Monsters Inc: There is a scene where you can clearly see  Jesse From Toy Story Is One Of Boo’s Toys.

#16 Toy Story 2: In the first shot of the movie there is a hidden Pixar lamp among the stars.

#17 Finding Dory: In The After Credits Scene Of the movie Jacques’ (Cleaner Shrimp’s) Bag Is The Cleanest.

#18 Aladdin: While Flying Through Greece, Aladdin Throws An Apple At Jasmine. Which signifies proposing in the Ancient Greece culture.

#19 Pirates of the Carrbian: Jack Sparrow Tells The Bone Bribing Prisoners That The Dog Holding The Cell Keys Is “Never Going To Move”. This is the direct reference To The Stationary Audio-Animatronic In The Original Disneyland Dark Ride That Hasn’t Moved Since The Attraction Opened In 1967.

#20 Zootopia: Nick’s Handkerchief Was Part Of His Scout Uniform From When He Was A Cub.

#21 Zootopia: There is a scene where you can see Keanu sitting sadly.

#22 The Lion King: You can see a progression of the dialogue “Yes, The Past Can Hurt… But The Way I See It, You Can Either Run From It Or Learn From It”

#23 Moana: When Maui is a Hawk You can see his hook in his right-wing.

#24 Monsters Inc: The little detail in the movie is where the bell has faded paint due to the hammer hitting it so many times.

#25 Ratatouille: The dog seen in this movie is from The Movie “Up”

#26 Tangled: After Mother Gothel Says “I Love You Most” To Rapunzel Instead Of Kissing Her Forehead Mother Gothel Kisses Rapunzel’s Hair, Which Is Her Source Of Youth

#27 Cars (2006): They Mentioned every character, even those who did not have a name.

#28 Monsters University: The fresh ink on the calendar was a nice detail to add.

#29 The Incredibles: Helen sees the reflection of the plane in the water.

#30 Toy Story: Andy’s writing has become better over the years.


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