Parents Share The Brilliant White Lies They Told Their Children To Make Their Lives Easier

Kids are a real piece of work and can a handful sometimes.You can prepare all you want before having a baby and think about the possible outcomes to tackle it immediately. But, nothing can prepare you for what kids bring to your life. Before having children you meed to make sure emotionally, physically, and financially stable to have a child. 

Children never fail to surprise and raising them is never what is expected. Try getting into an conversation with a child on why is it good to eat your vegetables it will take a toll on you. 

This all even makes you question your morals. We have always been told that lyimmg is wrong and we even tell our kids the same. But, sometimes a parent has to lie to their kids to keep themselves sane. People tell pretty white lies to their kids often to get away from difficult situations.

Sometimes telling the truth does not work with kids and telling innocent white lies is the only way. Parents these days are finding new ways to deal with their children and sharing tips with other parents to follow. These posts are so funny and hilarious. It is shocking how many parents tend to do the same things with their child. 

Scroll down below to see some tips to parenting that parents are sharing on Twitter.

#1 Until they are distracted and start destroying the other things

#2 What a well thought lie

#3 Gotta eat the Princess food.

#4 Why did I never think of this.

#5 If you know, you know.

#6 What they do not know is not going to hurt them.

#7 It is just self-appreciation.

#8 What a way to teach life lessons to your kid.

#9 No one asked for your opinions.

#10 That I snot a lie, that’s a fact.


#12 Gotta rename all the veggies to cute ones.

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