19 Wholesome Comics By Valérie Minelli Illustrating Her And Her Boyfriend’s Daily Struggles

Today we are introducing an artist named Valerie Minelli aka  Mrs.frollein who draws funny comics about her relationship and struggles. Valerie is a 26-year-old cartoonist from Luxem Bourg. 

According to her the main goal of her comics is to connect with people and cheer them up. It is like therapy for the artist and she hopes it is for the people who read it too. Her comics include her struggles in her daily life with her partner. 

Valerie’s artwork features her boyfriend, her dog, and herself. She uses humor to spread awareness about issues such as depression and anxiety as well. Explaining her past work she said her artwork has always been very wholesome and she loves the response she gets from her audience. According to the artist, her most popular comic was about her dog dying and how it affected her. 

Her artwork is relatable to people because everyone goes through the same situation once in their lifetime. And seeing someone else going through the same and healing makes us feel not alone. 

The comic is drawn very simply, it does not have so much detailing and shading. The reason behind that according to Valerie is because she publishes her comics every Sunday and can’t spend a lot of time detailing them. Artist believes she attracts a fairly moderate style


“ In addition, I need them to be easily visible, especially in a fast-paced medium like Instagram, where people go through a large number of elements in a short time, adds the craftsman,” said Valerie 

Scroll down and find our picks from  Valerie Minelli’s artwork.

#1 Growing Love together

#2 Long Distance is difficult

#3 A tattoo addiction

#4 Heatwave

#5 Ready to go

#6 Mushy names

#7 Obsession

#8 Words of affirmation

#9 Can’t-Wait

#10 Rainn

#11 Pee Buddy

#12 Netflix and Chill

#13 Happy Place

#14 Happy Puppy

#15 Irreplaceable

#16 Self Love

#17 Bad day to Good day

#18 Wholesome

#19 A nightly visit.

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