How The “Perfect” Female Body Has Changed In 100 Years

Every Instagram model out there, here, so you guys need to hear this intriguing news about women’s perfect bodies. So, see, there is some explanation why publication exteriors have such headlines as *five Motions for Miley Cyrus* and *The tips for a booty like Black Lively.* But if you have ever encountered yourself expecting this actress’s waistline or that singer’s legs, recall this: The media vision of the perfect female body is not fixed

During the 20th and 21st centuries, the mainstream opinion of ​​the *flawless body figure* for women has changed just like the style trends. In some respects, the contrast to the idealized idea of ​​women between the decades is so surprising and tells importance about the people outlook of the time. For example- beauty norms initially relied on whether somebody believed it was okay for females to have body curves.

Moreover, countless diet, pills, and celebrity icons later, we are getting it wrong in 2017 by motivating females and girls to adore the female body in themselves instead of continuously comparing themselves to others. So, whatever People magazine considers this year to be *the prettiest,* it designates what is splashing up in the pan of pop culture.

Therefore, to confirm our point, I want you to scroll down. So, let us take a closer glimpse at body ideals over the last 100 years and admire the varying outlandish expectations of the female figure over the years. Besides this if you want more information you can check out below.

More info: (h/t: Vintage Everyday, DM)

#1 The Gibson Girl (1910)

#2  The Flapper Girl (1920)

#3  The Sex Siren (1930)

#4  The Screen Queen (1940)

#5  The Curves (1950)

#6  The Petite (1960)

#7  The 70s Pin Up (1970)

#8  The Supermodel (1980)

#9  The Waif (1990)

#10  The Tone (2000)

#11  The Bootylicious (2010)


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