How The “Perfect” Female Body Has Changed In 100 Years

Every Instagram model out there, here, so you guys need to hear this intriguing news about women’s perfect bodies. So, see, there is some explanation why publication exteriors have such headlines as *five Motions for Miley Cyrus* and *The tips for a booty like Black Lively.* But if you have ever encountered yourself expecting this actress’s waistline or that singer’s legs, recall this: The media vision of the perfect female body is not fixed

#2  The Flapper Girl (1920)

#3  The Sex Siren (1930)

#4  The Screen Queen (1940)

#5  The Curves (1950)

#6  The Petite (1960)

#7  The 70s Pin Up (1970)

#8  The Supermodel (1980)

#9  The Waif (1990)

#10  The Tone (2000)

#11  The Bootylicious (2010)


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