93-Year-Old Grandma & Her Grandson Dress-Up In Ridiculous Outfits, And People Love It (18 Pics)

Whenever anyone talks about friendship, you usually will think of two people of the same age group. It is not common to have best friends with someone not even from your generation. Defying all the stereotypes a duo of BFFs is making headlines.  93-year-old “Granny“ and her 27-year-old grandson Ross Smith is so special. 

They started making the news by making videos on Vine. 8 years ago when Ross was in his tenure in college he decided to feature his grandmother in the videos. The internet loves his grandma’s sass and he saw the potential of it becoming something big. 



They started making videos consistently and soon they blew up all over the internet. They also did fun photoshoots with cosplay and parody costumes. Their photos are hilarious and funny. It is just a fraction of their content on the internet as they do many things together like comedy sketches and mini-documentaries on grandma’s experience.


The best part about their content is it is just so wholesome and true to its nature. It shows that they are having fun with it which attracts the people the most. They have created a fanbase on the internet with 2.7 million followers on Instagram, 2.58 subscribers on Youtube, and 11 million on Facebook.

We have got a collection of pictures for you of their hilarious cosplays.  They dress up as per occasions like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving to Valentine’s, the 4th of July, the Superbowl, and beyond. Their take on famous franchises and characters like Marvel’s avengers and Gladiator, as well as animation classics like Toy Story! and Courage the Cowardly Dog.


People just love the dynamic between the two BFFs and the attitude 93-year-old brings in. They have also made hilarious parody commercials featuring the two wearing silly goofy costumes. 
















Check out their social media for the wholesome content on youtube, Instagram and TikTok.

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