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Meet Shiba Inu, Who Has Gone Viral For Constantly Ruining Their Group Pictures

We all have that one friend who whenever a group shot is taken manages to blink, look the wrong way, or miss the memo on posing. But this friend might be the cutest of them all.

Imagine, You’re having a good time with your friends. You want to remember this happy moment, so you get everyone in one place to take a photo. The shot looks good on your phone. But A few days later, however, you open the image on your computer, trying to decide on which social media platform you want to upload it first, but the bigger screen reveals a problem. That one friend — the one who ruins all of your group pictures — did it again. You laugh it off but make a note to kill him.

However, would it comfort you if I said that dogs experience the same problem? You won’t believe it but there’s a group of friends like yours who’s facing the same problem.

Wanna meet them??


So meet Kikko, Sasha, Momo, And Hina. They’re posing for their owner Yoko, But Hina always finds a way to sabotage it. Like my friend Noah. Hina probably calls it ‘breaking the tension’ but we all know it’s a rebellion!!

It looks cute sometimes But they always Ruin Our Cute Group Pictures.

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