Animals are transformed into anime-style characters while their features are preserved by a Korean artist (23 Pics)

We have seen animations of animals indifferent styles and movies. Most times animators make them cute and cuddly and more cute animals. Animals are not depicted with all of their characters which can be scary and maybe not cute to some people. This makes one wonder what would an actual representation of animals would look like if they were drawn with actual characteristics.

To satisfy that question a Korean artist named  Nitro aka  “byeongju.a” makes amazing anime featuring domestic and wild animals like big cats, dogs, birds, and many more. Well if we look at it the words animal and animation both come from the same Latin word “anima”.

#1 Cerdo

#2 Italian Mastiff

#3 Orangután

Some would argue that anime is the best way to draw animals as anime gives more attention to character and background design while Western animation focuses more on character motion.

#4 Pit Bull

#5 Dodo

With his artwork, Nitro also raises awareness about endangered wildlife species.

Animals like black leopards are losing their northern bald ibises’ territory and have vanished from the wild due to hunting. Species like Cheetahs, East African lions, Damascus goats, macaroni penguins, and crested black macaques, are also among the species which are on the verge of extinction.

#6 Crested Black Macaque

#7 Wildebeest

The artwork is very intriguing as Nitro takes the liberty to depict the characteristics of an animal through his art. He does not just portray the look of an animal he even captures the aura of them. Like the slyness of a leopard, the sassiness of a cheetah, the attitude of an owl, or the goofiness of a goat.

#8 Striped/Spotted Hyena

#9 Galah

#10 Visayan Warty Pig

#11 Bald Eagle

#12 Fantasy Owl

#13 East African Lion

#14 Bongo Antelope

#15 Damascus Goat

#16 American Bison

#17 Macaroni Penguin

#18 Honey Badger

#19 Cheetah

#20 Albino Crocodile

#21 Camaleón

#22 Northern Bald Ibis

#23 Black Leopard



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