Do you remember Edwin Duck at the Hotel Room – then these Wholesome Stories will Make you Melt.

There are a lot of moments an individual observes in life which is very hard to forget. Some of the moments may be thrilling but some are heart-melting moments. Some of these wholesome stories that will surely make you melt are here with us. These are as follows –

  • Dog Tries Hard To Scare A Woman– In a viral video, a brown dog which is probably of the Barbet breed tries really hard to scare a woman at the house. The dog gradually hides behind the wall of the staircase and tries to scare the woman. After multiple unsuccessful attempts of scaring her, in the end, the dog succeeds in scaring her but in a strategic manner. The reaction and joy of the dog after scaring her are priceless.
  • Teacher’s Favourite Student – In a viral video something bizarre happens which won the hearts of a lot of people. A teacher places a box on a chair and tells the students that there is a picture of his favourite student. Students individually have a look into the box and they give a very beautiful smile to the teacher. Numerous students pass by the box and show a great response. At the end of the video, the teaches reveals that there is a mirror in the box which clearly states that every student is his favourite student. This incident was admired by a lot of people and it clearly shows the unbiased nature of the teachers.


  • Discovering Echo– A child discovers a lot of things during their short span of childhood. In a viral video, the viewers witnessed such a kind of thing. A man makes a sound at a room or a hall which was probably empty. Due to this reverberation of sound occurs which stuns a very cute little child. After observing this echoic sound, the child gives a very precious smile and tries to hear the echo of their own voice too.


  • Blind Man Enjoys A Water Slide– A blind man visits a water park and challenges himself to slide through a water slide from a height at the water park. The bling man holding a stick climbs at the height through stylish and leavers the stick near the slide. He was very scared but he somehow uses the slide and starts screaming. But when he reaches the ground he gives a very positive response of enjoyment. This viral video leaves a very positive impact on people as they must enjoy every situation in


  • Duck In London–  A man visited London and booked a room at a hotel. When he saw the room, he found a toy duck named Edwin. Along with the duck, he found a letter too in which it was stated – “this duck is yours to take home and join you on your future travels.” While the man who finds the duck writes that he does not like ducks at all but he is entirely aware that this is the pinnacle of manipulative capitalism, but he cannot simply walk away from Edwin – The Duck. This post of him got the attention of a lot of people across the world. Well, many people also commented on the post showing their views.

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