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10+ Hilarious Creations With Unexpected And Dark Humor

A 32 years old artist from France has been drawing comics since childhood. His crazy and dark comics are loved by tens of thousands of people on social media. His Instagram page has 59.6k followers.

The artist involved in comics strips containing just 4 frames with no contents. The drawing part doesn’t take him much time, as he likes having a rough style. Coming up with the right stupid joke and twisting them in a not-so-stupid way, however, does.

Nevertheless, if you haven’t read his first book, then you should read that. The book was officially unveiled last year in November and the title is “Lorem Ipsum Dolor“.

I hope these new comics will cheer you up. Have a look!!!

Source:- Instagram

#1 It’s perfect

#2 This might be helpful

#3 A butterfly

#4 I guess cleaning is incredible

#5 Practice makes them perfect!!!


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