15 Famous Women Who Aren’t Bothered by a Bit of Body Hair

People want to comment on anything and everything a woman does, from how they dress and eat to even their body hair. Body hair has always been a big part of the conversation in the beauty industry. The simple body anatomy has become a part of fashion where if women choose not to shave down their entire body to look like a potato she is considered not good-looking. Like some people like to call it unhygienic. How can body hair on women is ugly and on a man sexy? 

#2 Dua Lipa

#3 Sarah Hyland

#4 Michelle Rodriguez

#5 Lola Kirke

#6 Emma Roberts

#7 Emily Ratajkowski

#8 Alicia Keys

#9 Pixie Lott

#10 Alyssa Milano

#11 Emma Watson

#12 Rowan Blanchard

#13 Madonna

#14 Sophia Loren

#15 Bekah Martinez

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