15 Famous Women Who Aren’t Bothered by a Bit of Body Hair

People want to comment on anything and everything a woman does, from how they dress and eat to even their body hair. Body hair has always been a big part of the conversation in the beauty industry. The simple body anatomy has become a part of fashion where if women choose not to shave down their entire body to look like a potato she is considered not good-looking. Like some people like to call it unhygienic. How can body hair on women is ugly and on a man sexy? 

Women everywhere have been conditioned to think that they cannot show even a strand of hair on their bodies. This is not just the case with ordinary people, the people in the entertainment industry also believe so and even shame women who chose not to do it. 

This has given birth to a whole new body hair removal industry. They have become trendy among women in the twentieth century as having skin like a newborn baby has become the norm. Often celebrities are the ones who are making setting standards for people. But currently, some women in the entertainment industry are taking charge of their bodies and defying the rules of society just by living their life unapologetically. 

Nowadays, more and more women are swimming against the current and embracing their natural bodies.

These women are inspiring other women who look up to them to love and embrace their bodies as it is. Leading the way some famous artists are showing off their bodies. 

Here we have curated a list of women who broke the standards of beauty and embraced their bodies.

#1 Julia Michaels

#2 Dua Lipa

#3 Sarah Hyland

#4 Michelle Rodriguez

#5 Lola Kirke

#6 Emma Roberts

#7 Emily Ratajkowski

#8 Alicia Keys

#9 Pixie Lott

#10 Alyssa Milano

#11 Emma Watson

#12 Rowan Blanchard

#13 Madonna

#14 Sophia Loren

#15 Bekah Martinez

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