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30 Honest Valentine’s Day Cards For Couples Which Are Hilarious

On Valentine’s day, couples make it the best memorable day whereas singles make their most prominent moves ever. Valentine’s day is a fest of chessiness, kitsch and cliches. If you try to escape from it, there is no way to be completely shielded from it. And even if you really want to celebrate it with your love then finding something unique to gift them is not an easy task. But many will find the boring Valentine’s Day cards in supermarkets hopelessly searching for the one that stands out.

Some couples who hate the average Valentine’s Day lines, they might be looking for something different. Some of these honest love cards are cheeky, others are adorably funny, and some are painfully nerdy Valentine’s, but mostly they let you celebrate the little things in a relationship that matters the most. Singles will probably not enjoy the jokes of Valentine’s Day cards but please do enjoy them. Some couples find that cards which truly represents their attitude and leaves an impression on their significant other. So, we have collected a list of greeting cards which let you express your love in a interesting and uncommon way.

Source:- Brighthumanity

#1 You don’t have a choice

#2 Every single day

#3 That’s folded in half

#4 Than others…

#5 But…

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