5 Main Reasons Why Not to Sleep on Your Right Side

We have heard often people say a lot of things about advising on living a good lifestyle. Many researchers have been giving different opinions on whether it should be encouraged to sleep on your tummy or not. 

Here we have curated a list of reasons why you should not sleep on your stomach or the right side.

 It damages your spine and back.

Scientists have appointed sleeping on your right side as one of the main reasons for back pain. It is also considered the reason for the damage to your spin.

It can damage your neck.

Sleeping on your right side can also cause damage to the spine including your neck. In today’s day and age, we are always on our phones or various electronic devices. Sitting and staring at a device for a long time puts a lot of stress on your spine. Sleeping on your right side even causes long-term damage to your structure and posture.

It can cause heartburn and put pressure on your chest and belly.

Sleeping on your belly puts a lot of pressure on the stomach and chest with causes gastric reflux.

It can cause wrinkles, acne, and jaw deficiency.

When you sleep on your belly your facial skin is stretched because of pressure put because being squished onto the pillow. Doing that for a long time can cause wrinkles. Usually, pillows have so many bacteria and other microbes collected over time which can cause acne and infections. The pressure put on your face and sleeping on your stomach can damage your jaw bones. 

Sleeping on the right side of your belly can put pressure on your baby.

Pregnant women sleeping on their right side or their belly can put pressure on the baby and possibly can harm them.

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