People Are Urging Schools to Bring Home Economics Back to Teach Kids Basic Life Skills

Home economics was the main and only focus of a woman’s education in the past.

There is no debate that throughout the 20th-century young girls and women were supposed to be taking care of the home including all the housework.  It was not even the choice they had that could say to. It was an expectation society had from them to just do laundry, cook, sew, and take care of the sick. In most cultures, the boys or men were supposed to be the breadwinner and did not know any of the house economics involved in the process. 

Young women were married in terms of how good they are at all these work and how efficient they can be. 

The principles were important to daily living.

In those times there were home economic classes that women took to be better at their supposed jobs.


Boys were not required to take these lessons.

Later in the time, home economic classes started to die out and fewer schools were giving their children a chance to learn the basic skills of adulthood. 

But now as people are becoming more aware of life they understand the importance of learning basic life skills to live life. It is becoming more and more clear that it is essential for all not just girls know housework. 

As women are going out there and occurring jobs with their many talents people are realizing what goes into making a house run. It just does not magically work. There is someone who is behind all that and most of the time it was a woman. Clothes do not magically are washed and put into the cupboard, the house needs to be cleaned to stay clean. 

How many of them are taught how to do this at school?

The answer to that question would be “not enough”.

Home economics can teach kids to be more independent in life. A recent study found that more than half of high school graduates in the US enroll in college the following year.

This way many kids would not have to go through a hard time living outside the home. 

Many kids are having to fend for themselves for the first time when they move to a dorm room. If they are taught these skills in school it will take off some burden on working moms who have to take the responsibilities of children with working outside. 

For so long Home economics has been a sexist thing and it is high time to break those norms and take responsibility for ourselves.


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