The family installed this prefab storm shelter over a decade ago and it ends up saving their lives

The shelter may have been tight and uncomfortable, but they did make it out alive. The space provided them protection as the storm wreaked havoc on their home.

This shelter was built by Justin’s father years ago. They don’t even know how much it cost to make it. But what matters now is that all family members are safe.

The shelter was never been used until the night of December 19

When the storm came, the whole scene of Kentucky changed. This place started looking like a ghost town. Like reminders left on the battlefield.

Jim Finch drove his truck around with a huge grill along with ready-to-cook meals to help feed the tornado victims in the area.

Jim also drove for about half an hour during the storm with food like hamburgers, sausages, eggs, and chicken in his truck. During this time he had also parked the car in the middle of the city. Where a journalist asked him about his good work.

He was even asked if he had a restaurant. Finch just shook his head, saying, “it just needed to be done.

Jim was born in Paducah Kentucky. But such was his spirit that he still went out of his way to help Mayfield, who was struck by the tornado. He played humanity and also provided food to those in need of food.

Mayfield Mayor Kathy Stewart O’Nan also came to take stock of the situation. He also said that the situation is very serious. He told that the infrastructure has been badly damaged. They told that they do not have water and the water tower was also lost.

Further, he tells that he will rebuild from it. It will take some time and patience but he will take the whole community along.

Check out the life-saving storm shelter below!

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