Ukrainian Artist Continues To Remove Makeup From Dolls To Repaint Them In A Very Realistic Way (18 New Pics)

In today’s world where unrealistic beauty standards are considered beautiful and necessary, an artist is persistent to stir the discussion around it. 

The Ukrainian artist Olga Kamenetskaya is taking dolls that are made for kids and giving them realistic makeovers. The toys industry also promotes unrealistic expectations for kids by making dolls with bizarre beauty standards. These mass-produced dolls are mostly directed toward little girls and when kids see only specific body shapes or look seen as beautiful. They are learning to hate their body and how they look, which, needless to say not healthy. This perfect symmetrical body and big eyes with perfect hair are far from reality. 



The artist specializes in removing the makeup from the dolls and making them more real and human. This is her way of making things right and creating an awareness of how it is damaging the upcoming generations.  Her creations have realistic features and bodies. The artist wipes everything off of the dolls and repaints them. Her work is very detailed and looks so real. The dolls are truly transformed by the end of it. 



She changes the loud makeup to more natural, making features like eyes nose, and hair more real and human. It is safe to say that dolls look much better after the dramatic makeup has been stripped off, and it goes to show the so-called ‘flaws’ are what make us beautiful.

Every famous doll anyone can think of Barbie, Blythe, BJD, or any other toy doll, all of them have unrealistic features in common. 


It is safe to say that dolls look much better after the dramatic makeup has been stripped off, and it shows that the so-called ‘flaws’ make us beautiful.

“I don’t like when the new face of the doll is ideal and perfectly symmetrical, it makes it lifeless,” Olga told Vogue. “I always deliberately leave some flaw that may not be noticeable to everyone, but [gives] the doll invisible charisma. Perhaps, this flawed beauty is the message that my dolls carry.”















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