Artist Imagined How Snacks Would Look As Cartoon Characters (22 Pics)

Today we are introducing you to an amazing artist who draws how snacks would look like cartoon characters. The artist’s name is Ülker aka Lyra Ri. She is an illustrator based in Istanbul, Turkey. She is a full-time child and adolescent psychiatrist and  After work, as she likes to put it, she shapeshifts into an artist.

There are three things Lyra likes to do to relax that is Drawing, eating, and cooking. When she was on the verge of art block she decided to challenge herself with character design. 

According to her combining two things she loved the most felt like a good idea. From here her process of combining products with animated characters started.

Before starting drawing the ideas she had t research the specific food brands or snacks’ origin, and production process and discovered so much more. People even started commenting and telling her about their homeland’s most popular snacks or foods. 

According to Lyra art is so important for our souls and minds to keep calm.

“Your unique art doesn’t have to be perfect – creating even the smallest thing that can make our day more meaningful,” Said the artist.

Scroll down and find the amazing and talented Lyra Ri’s illustration, we are sure you will love it.

#1 The caramel drizzle

#2 Love the Oreo clips

#3 Even her hair spells the SOUR

#4 The spaghetti hair and meatball buns are a hit

#5 Looks kinda cute

#6 The hat is giving goals

#7 That hair though

#8 Is that even a thing?

#9 Skittle hair goals

#10 Looks flaming hot to me

#11 Ramune is the best change my mind

#12 The cheetah print and the tail

#13 Pocky Mermaid

#14 She looks a bit clumsy

#15 Pizza hair is the new cool

#16 Yea It is a Boba Girl

#17 Is it what I  think it is? A Matcha KitKat

#18 The attention to detail is the best

#19 No sharing here

#20 Even the eyes match

#21 Miss strawberry shortcake

#22 Who does not like chocolate sleeves

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