Artist Fused Simpsons With Horror Movie Characters It’s Creepy

Every one always excited for The Simpsons Halloween Specials for Halloween. This time it is the 666th episode of “Treehouse of Horror”. The episode included Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water and Netflix’s “Stranger Things”.

#2 Moe as Gizmo is the best Gizmo

#3 Beware, Freddy will come for you.

#4 Watch out, Marge is coming.

#5 Ned is the best Evil dead

#6 Simpsons as the ghostbusters look cute rather than creepy.

#7 This is not the day to go swimming

#8 Bettle juice and the Simpsons are a great combination.

#9 Springfield Police have just unearthed some disturbing archival video footage.

#10 Welcome to Prime Time, Marge.

#11 Jaws. The shark should just go after the doughnut in the water because that is what I’m mostly sad about.

#12 Marge looks fantastic in that red bikini, slaying as always.

#13 The power of Jazz compels you!

#14 Marge is in the destructive mode

#15 This is way creepy, even for Marge

#16 One, two, Neddy’s coming for you…

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