An Artist Is Shaping the Way We See Motherhood in 10+ Illustrations

Motherhood is a never-ending adventure. Taking care of children is a time-consuming and tiring job for parents and especially a mother. Sure, kids are cute cuddly, and the most adorable creatures on the planet but that is just the one side of the story. Most of us do not consider the other side of being a mother where they sacrifice their peace, sleep, and energy. From getting pregnant to raising a child it is surely an overwhelming experience. 

As a society, we are not much help either to a mother. Starting from not getting enough maternity leaves to shame them for not being able to balance work and personal life is disturbing.

People think how difficult it has to be to raise a baby, you just feed him and play with him and he sleeps all day. Rather this is only a small portion of the day, there is a lot of preparation that went behind that process. From trying to feed the baby when he does not want to comply to trying to get him to sleep after a full two hours of crying is far from being easy.

There is an artist named Yulia Enslinger is one of those moms who find a sense of humor in the hardships of raising children. Yulia draws comics about motherhood and the challenges around it in a humorous way. She gives other mothers who are going through the same situations a common ground relate. 

Yulia posts her art on Instagram and many mothers like her communicate and discuss funny situations and challenges they go through.


#1 Perception is important

#2 Learnings as parents

#3 Sleepless nights

#4 What excuses t make ?

#5 Ta-ta

#6 Weight

#7 I like being needed too

#8 Just Facinating

#9 Magic tricks

#10 Mission acomplished

#11 My kinda resting

#12 its pay back time

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