12 Disney Princesses Restyled Into Cutest Animations By Artist Jessica Madorran

Disney has been an intricate part of most of our life. Most of us have imagined being with those characters in their world and vice versa. People have always loved Disney and its characters, especially artists. Artists love to draw the characters and have fun with them. It is because everyone in their childhood only watched the Disney channel because of how amazing cartoons and movies.  Some of the most iconic movies are of Disney princesses. Most of us must have at least once thought of living in Disney’s fictional world. 

#2 Sally (The nightmare before the Christmas)

#3 Princess Aurora and Vernon (Sleeping beauty)

#4 Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

#5 Elsa (Frozen)

#6 Alice and Nivens McTwisp (Alice in Wonderland)

#7 Belle and Beast (Beauty and the beast)

#8 Princess Jasmine and Rajah (Aladin)

#9 Merida  (Brave).

#10 Mulan

#11 Rapunzel and Pascal (Tangled)

#12 Cinderella and prince.

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