Artist Reimagines 20 Of History’s Most Famous Paintings With Beloved Disney Characters

People say that art is the mirror of society and you can tell a lot about it by looking at art from a particular time or era. There are many famous paintings from history that people do not know about. We often think that learning art history is only for artists but Carlos Gromo wants to change that. He is an illustrator who Reimagines History’s Most Famous Paintings With Beloved Disney Characters.

He realized that many people did not know much about art history or famous paintings. Carlos started the project to educate people in a fun way. 

The series features Disney animated characters in famous paintings. He featured characters like 101 Dalmatians, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, and Sleeping Beauty in paintings like “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt, “American Gothic” by Grant Wood, and Henry Meynell Rheam’s “The Fairy Wood”.

#1 Tarzan (John William Waterhouse’s “The Sorceress” (1911)

#2 Cinderella (William Adolphe Bouguereau’s “Rest in Harvest” (1865)

#3 Peter Pan (Pierre Auguste Cot’s “The Storm” (1880)

#4 Peter Pan (Henrietta Rae’s “Hylas and the Water Nymphs” (1910)

#5 Snow White (William Adolphe Bouguereau’s “At the Edge of the Brook” (1875)

#6 Cinderella (Auguste Toulmouche’s “Vanity” (1870)

#7 The Little Mermaid (John William Waterhouse’s “The Siren” (1900)

#8 Disney Family (William Waterhouse’s “A tale from Decameron” (1916)

#9 Thumbelina (Pierre Auguste Cot’s “Spring” (1873)

#10 Snow White (Henry Meynell Rheam’s “The Fairy Wood” (1903)

#11 The Little Mermaid (Michael and Inessa Garmash’s “Precious Moments”)

#12 Sleeping Beauty (Walter Crane’s “Hermes and Venus Gazing into a Mirror” (1885)

#13 Cinderella (Fausto Carrying “Young Girl Carrying a Pumpkin” (1889)

#14 The Princess And The Frog (Lawrence Alma Tadema’s “The Favourite Poet” (1888)

#15 Beauty And The Beast (Lawrence Alma Tadema’s “Ask me no more” (1906)

#16 Hercules (John Simmons’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (1870)

#17 Beauty And The Beast (Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” (1907)

#18 101 Dalmatians (Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” (1930)

#19 Sleeping Beauty (Edmund Blair Leighton’s “The Accolade” (1901)

#20 Beauty And The Beast (John William Waterhouse’s “The Soul of the Rose” (1908)

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