Russian Artist Reimagined 8 Disney Princes As Dads Of Adorable Toddlers And Babies (8 Pics)

Whenever we talk about Disney characters we instantly think of Disney princesses, no one actually thinks about Disney princes who are also a very important part of the stories. Many fans have reimagined Disney princesses in different roles and in different worlds but there are hardly any fan arts of the princes. 

#2 Of course she likes bathing (Prince Eric from “The Little Mermaid”)

#3 Love for books (Prince Adam from The Beauty and Beast)

#4 Struggling as always (Hercules)

#5 Peacefully napping  (Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty)

#6 Cooking with the daughter (Prince Charming from Snow White)

#7 Sharing adventure stories with the little one (Aladin)

#8 He is a born fighter (Prince Li Shang from Mulan)

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