Artist Keeps Illustrating Everyday Life With His Wife, And Now We Get To See Their Baby Daughter (38 Pics)

Parenting is one of the tough jobs out there. Becoming a parent is a beautiful feeling in itself but, boy this is tough. This job should come with a manual on how to be a parent and handle kids. 

Being a first-time parent your life will just revolve around the kid. Your baby will decide your schedule whether you are going to sleep tonight or will be up till noon. Taking quality time is just a dream.

An artist named Yehuda Adi Devir is an illustrator based in Israel who has been illustrating his life with his wife Maya for years. He has created an exceptional portfolio of family comics.

Yehuda started a new series in an addition to his work before. He draws about the parenting struggles he and Maya go through in daily life. The series is painfully relatable but adorably hilarious.

The couple stated, “We’re having a whole new set of emotions and thoughts we didn’t realize existed. “We have a lot of disagreements as well but we learn from them.”

The couple has a beautiful baby girl who keeps them on their toes all the time. 

His art has become very famous lately.  Everyone is going through the same situations in their life and to see someone putting it comically is nice. “There is no longer a couple, no longer a team at work… only Ariel” the couple admitted.

The comics show everything a new parent will face while taking care of a child. From the mood swings while in pregnancy, trying to feed the child, and passing out on the couch after being exhausted all day. From the cute moments with the baby, this series has got it all.

The couple hopes when Ariel is older she can “see all the work that mommy and daddy have done for her and appreciate it.” 

Scroll down and find our best pics from the artist’s illustrations.







































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