This 23-Year-Old Cosplayer Can Turn Herself Into Almost Anyone, Here Are Some Of Her Best Transformations

People these days are so much into cosplays and many are just acing in this. An artist has become famous for character transformations. She is a 27 years old Cosplayer UniqueSora aka Jasmine. 

Jasmine cosplays Disney cartoons, live-action figures, and anime. One of her very famous cosplay was when she cosplayed Domino in Deadpool 2.

She has cosplayed many characters like Missandei from the Game Of Thrones Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Nani From Lilo & Stitch, and Spinelli From Recess: School’s Outa


#1 Uraraka From Boku No Hero

#2 Kuki From Kids Next Door

#3 Lance From Voltron

#4 Chel From The Road To El Dorado

#5 Yoruichi From Bleach

#6 Urd From Oh My Goddess

#7 Princess Jasmine From Aladdin

#8 Marceline The Vampire Queen From Adventure Time

#9 Reggie Rocket From Rocket Power

#10 Black Rose From hack

#11 Roxanne From A Goofy Movie

#12 Chloe Frazer From Uncharted

#13 Chel From The Road To El Dorado

#14 Missandei From Game Of Thrones

#15 Spinelli From Recess: School’s Out

#16 Storm From X-Men

#17 Esmeralda From The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame

#18 Manda Panda From Dream Daddy 

#19 Princess ‘Kida’ Kidagakash From Atlantis: The Lost Empire

#20 Nani From Lilo & Stitch

#21 Domino From Deadpool 2

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