Queen Elizabeth Releases A Charming New Portrait In Honor Of Her 96th Birthday

The Highness, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her birthday on April 22, 2022. It’s a milestone birthday that calls for a celebration bigger than life. After a difficult year with the pandemic and a struggling period for the monarch who has endured countless challenges, this birthday is a big big day.

For her 96th birthday, the Queen decided not to have a public celebration. Instead, she flew from Windsor Castle to her home in Sandrigham, where she spent several days, probably remembering Prince Philip.

There was no public celebration this year!

In fact, it is also said that she is unlikely to attend any upcoming events in the coming months this year.

Queen Elizabeth has struggled through the loss of her husband and pandemic recently.

Source: YouTube

With several health related issues last year and 2022, the Queen feels it necessary to be out of the public eye for some time.

However, amidst all the difficult time, the palace released a picture of the majesty.

Source: YouTube

The picture shows the Queen posing with two white ponies at the Windsor Castle. The picture was taken by Henry Dallal.

It was understood that the Queen spent her birthday surrounded by her family.

Source: YouTube

She spent her 96th birthday with her loved ones at Wood Farm.

Wood Farm is one of her favorite homes.


One of the housekeepers said, “All the royal family love Wood Farm because it’s out of the way, it’s small, it’s intimate. You haven’t got lots of officials and household, it’s just close staff.”

Watch the majesty posing with the beautiful white ponies on her birthday below.

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