13 Poignant Illustrations Proving Our World Has Gone Too Far

The world is rapidly changing around us and not every change is perfect. Be it technology, the internet, art anything There has been a significant about od change that has taken place. But we can surely say that not everything has changed for the betterment of our lives. We have created a lot of problems for ourselves in the need of change to make our life easier.

#2 These power pills are the lifeline of today’s world

#3 And yet they say that inequality does not exist

#4 The new love language have turned into screentimes

#5 The only sort of relationship left between us

#6 We need more clothes and plastic, the earth is not dead yet

#7 I have to save my lifeline

#8 Such a long list

#9 We all have got that one friend right?

#10 If we cleaned the oceans what would the gods do then?

#11 If everyone thought like that, he will never be helped.

#12 Hypocrisy on its peak

#13 I need to update the sinking ship

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