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This Talented Artist Draw Cartoons In Their Official Style, And Then Her Own (34 Pics)

Today we want to introduce you to a talented artist who transforms some of our favorite characters into unique artworks. The artist’s name is Elena Manetta and she excelled in the #StyleChallenge where artists draw reimagining different ideas or cartoon styles. 

Elena is a New York-based Storyboard Artist on Disney Junior’s T.O.T.S. (Titmouse NYC) and has a unique style of presenting the characters. Her artwork is intricate and detailed. 

According to one of Elena’s social media sites, she likes drawing overly muscular characters. She also stated – “I don’t know if that’s obvious from my own cartoon drawings or not. It allows me to give a lot of curvy features to a man without making them look feminine.”

She says sometimes poses from stylized characters’ designs do not translate 1: 1 to other art styles. So things need to be tweaked according to what you are going for.

#1 Omi the Xiaolin Warrior

#2 Mr. Gar looking good!

#3 Should I be concerned?

#4 Heros be heros

#5 How happy he is

#6 Mr. Blik does have some anger issues

#7 The Ren & Stimpy Show

#8 Hello waffle

#9 Wander From Wander Over Yonder

#10 Stewie looks much more grumpy

#11 Rick is having fun as always

#12 Not a lot of changes

#13 Feels the same

#14 This version of Marvin means business.

#15 Why even try

#16 Love the longer hands and legs.

#17 Sass is still about the same

#18 He looks much better round

#19 Where did those ears come from?

#20 Cats are always precious

#21 Those eyes say it all

#22 Sassy as always

#23 Just longer necks sums it up

#24 It is straight out scary

#25 Those shoulders man

#26 Edd from Ed, Edd, N’ Eddy

#27 Angry Rigby

#28 The Amazing World of Gumball

#29 Gotta protect that pickle jar

#30 Bow ties make everything better

#31 Little depth makes it even better

#32 I never imagined Courage so buffed up but still scared

#33 Blossom’s got a nose this time

#34 Just the stupid dogs


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