21 Photos That Have So Much Drama You Might Need Tissues

Friendzone certainly is a position no one wants to find themselves in. It is one of the most disappointing and heartbreaking situations to put anyone into. 

#2 This takes the cake of being savage.

#3 Would you even try?

#4 Looks like he walked right into it.

#5 Why would she even

#6 And the best friend award goes to this man.

#7 Things you do for love.

#8 The look of pure embarrassment.

#9 More like an appointment of disappointment.

#10 The look of love on a man’s face.

#11 There was no need to torture this poor guy for just a photo.

#12 If disappointment could fit into words.

#13 Message well received.

#14 The kind of support love needs, of course from a friend.

#15 Mega best friends will do the work.

#16 Literally the bridge of friendzone.

#17 Just blinded by my just best friend

#18 Where I can find friends who love to give gifts like this.

#19 Am I just the only one seeing this ?

#20 If cinderella was present she would throwup

#21 The expressions on his face tell all the story.

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