21 Photos That Have So Much Drama You Might Need Tissues

Friendzone certainly is a position no one wants to find themselves in. It is one of the most disappointing and heartbreaking situations to put anyone into. 

For those who do not know what the friend zone means is when two people are friends and one of them wants to be more than friends. Most often the other person is aware of these feelings and tends to just see them as friends.

Experts like Dr. Jeremy Nicholson say if you are interested in someone who is not interested in you, You should certainly not go mad and start lurking around them like a bee and a flower. If you show that you are needy and give so much attention to that someone they would take you for granted.

#1 Those speak much louder

#2 This takes the cake of being savage.

#3 Would you even try?

#4 Looks like he walked right into it.

#5 Why would she even

#6 And the best friend award goes to this man.

#7 Things you do for love.

#8 The look of pure embarrassment.

#9 More like an appointment of disappointment.

#10 The look of love on a man’s face.

#11 There was no need to torture this poor guy for just a photo.

#12 If disappointment could fit into words.

#13 Message well received.

#14 The kind of support love needs, of course from a friend.

#15 Mega best friends will do the work.

#16 Literally the bridge of friendzone.

#17 Just blinded by my just best friend

#18 Where I can find friends who love to give gifts like this.

#19 Am I just the only one seeing this ?

#20 If cinderella was present she would throwup

#21 The expressions on his face tell all the story.

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