Queen Elizabeth Sends Personal Letter With Compliments To 1-Year-Old Girl Who Dressed As Her For Halloween

Meet this cute little Queen Elizabeth. This little toddler decided to melt Queen Elizabeth’s heart with her Halloween costume. Yes, this toddler’s costume got the attention of the Queen of England. One-year-old Jalayne from Ohio dressed up as Queen Elizabeth last year, and it is trending on social media. Katelyn Sutherland dressed up with the help of her mommy, and now she is getting royal attention. She captured an adorably royal look, complete with a powder-blue coat and a flower hat. Moreover, this kid wore gloves and had a tiny clutch. Besides this, she wore a curly white wig to look realistic. Which was like the cherry on the cake.

Katelyn tugged out all the stuff on the lovely outfit, and it had the family dogs in the pictures. What kind of dogs? What do YOU think? Corgis, of course. Jalayne’s customized coat and flowery pearls were the flawless complements. But nothing quite satisfies the look like two well-mannered corgis, Right?

Katelyn uploaded photos about her kiddo’s outfit on Facebook, and guess what? The pictures went viral. And being a big fan of the Queen, she sent a photo to the Queen, she wasn’t expecting any response. Eventually, she got one with compliments. And the Queen surprised her with complimentary replies with a letter, and she also greeted her on Christmas.

And when the Queen of England received the picture from her tiniest fan, she was truly flattered by the gesture. Moreover, she quite appreciated the glorious outfit. Windsor Castle quickly framed a note back to the family with a private message from the Queen. And after receiving the letter from the Queen, the toddler became the happiest toddler. And her mommy posted her picture holding the letter in the Queen’s costume. She has even perfected a teeny queenly wave.

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