12 Things You Stop Caring About After 30

Some people experience improvements at the age of 27, and others do not until they are 35. However, almost everyone changes as they reach the age of thirty.

There’s nothing like remembering you used to be such a child, worrying about all those stupid stuff, to make you feel better. It’s awesome to be 30 and not give a damn about it…

Being in your teens and twenties, you worry about every stupid stuff and feel everything so hard. Those are the times to experience life and do so many things for the first time. Some people make improvements in their late twenties some in their thirties. However, what is more, important is to gain experience and change for the better. 

When you reach the age of thirty you stop caring about toxic things and start concentrating on things that matter. This is all a part of adulting and learning to not give a fuck about things you used to think were important to you in your twenties. 

You no longer want to conquer the world, you just want to be happy and do the little things that make you happy. There are so many things that we give up on like being skinny, being fat, who cares, let’s just enjoy whatever is there to eat without body shaming ourselves.

Priorities change and you no longer think what other people are going to think about you and your body. Birthday parties become irrelevant it’s just a date to tell you you survived one more year on this earth.

#1 Keep your opinion to yourself

#2 You have your priorities set.

#3 Winter fashion

#4 Embracing the single life

#5 Socially unavailable

#6 Feeling old already

#7 Peaceful birthdays

#8 Love is above all

#9 Happy with the job

#10 Not into gossip anymore

#11 Rolls are the new gaols

#12 Am I missing something?


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