11-Year-Old Adopted Boy Abandoned By Family Gets Adopted Again!

Everyone is not as generous to little adopted kids as the others. Adopting a kid requires not just providing for the kid but also nurturing them wholeheartedly just like your blood. Sadly for this kid, his adoptive parents had been thinking of discarding him for years and they abandoned him after 7 years like he was nobody. The saddest part is they found a way to do that with style.

Most of us assume adoption is permanent as soon as people sign the papers.

But our unlucky boy learned that it isn’t through a very traumatic experience.

His adoptive parents abandoned him after 7 years like a Netflix subscription.

Source: Foster Dad Flipper

Anthony thought he had reached his happy ending when he met his adoptive parents at the age of four. Little did he know his life will take a quick turn.

They took him to the hospital after 7 years and abandoned him.

Source: Foster Dad Flipper

They did not even turn back to realize the awful thing they did by leaving the kid unattended.

Years later, Anthony met Peter Mutabazi, a hero who came into his life and turned the story around.

Source: Foster Dad Flipper

Peter has always been a loving foster dad. In fact, he had two boys under his care who were later reunited with their parents.

Peter was gutted but he became a licensed foster dad.

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After Peter was done grieving, his social worker swayed him towards the right kid.

Did you know? Peter had even built a perfect bedroom for kids.

Source: Foster Dad Flipper

Peter had no idea that Anthony will give him the love of a child and call him dad.

Peter said, “Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate I would be parenting the child of two parents who had led lives that passed the extensive background check standards involved with parenting foster children, only just to abandon not one, but two of their children.”

But everything changed after Anthony straight up called Peter ‘Dad!’

Source: Foster Dad Flipper

At first Peter was reluctant because he didn’t want to lose more foster kids but the moment Anthony called him dad, his heart melted.

Peter was caught off guard.

But, Anthony was only supposed to stay for a weekend.

Source: Foster Dad Flipper

Monday arrived and Peter asked the social worker about Anthony’s back story. He was heart wrenched after learning about the boy’s struggle as a kid.

They later signed the agreement to relinquish their parental rights.

They never looked back!

Peter said, “It may come as a surprise when I say I needed my son more than he needed me.”

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