Young man walks 20 miles to get to his new job, The company’s CEO gifts him a new car

The younger generation is always getting preached on how they are not serious about their work and they don’t work hard.

Well, a young man from Alabama proved everyone wrong and got praised for it. Walter Carr had joined a moving company called Bellhops and had to reach 20 miles away from his home to help his client move. He took his job very seriously and didn’t let any obstacle come in his way.

The night before his first day, Walter’s car broke down.

Be it terrible timing or just pure bad luck but right before his first day of work his car broke down. As his car broke down at night and he had to reach work the next morning he decided to do something we will give up even with just thinking about it.

As he was very certain of reaching his job on time he decided he would walk to his destination.

Walter had to cover the distance of 20 miles from Homewood toPelham on foot. Again its a 5-6 hours of walking just to get to work 

As he was very persistent to get his job done he planned everything. Walter took a 4-hour nap and woke up around midnight to start his journey. 

He started walking, and he didn’t look back.

He took his Nike joggers and began the long walk.

While he was on the way to work a police officer saw and stopped him asking where he was going and why he was on foot. To which Walter replied that he was to work in Pelham.

This surprised the officer with how passionate this kid was towards his job. 

The cop bought Walter breakfast and offered him a ride to Pelham.

After dropping Walter to his destination, the officer accompanied him to the homeowners who called the movers. As Walter got a ride he was early to his job at Lamey’s family 

The officer told them about “this nice kid” who walked 20 miles from Homewood to Pelham.

The officer introduced Walter as“this nice kid”  to Jenny Hayden Lamey. They were also very impressed with the determination Walter had towards getting the his job done.

Jenny shared that when the doorbell rang at 6:30 in the morning she answered the door to find a police officer with a boy standing next to him. The officer told them that he picked up this nice kid’ walking to Pelham. The kind was Walter who was coming there to help them with moving.

She let him inside to take a breath and rest for a bit before starting working but Walter was here to help and did not want to waste any time resting.

Eventually, the rest of the moving crew showed up.

Walter’s story of determination moved everyone from inside.

Luke Marklin, the CEO of Bellhops, met up with Walter himself.

He made sure that he shows his appreciation to Walter for the dedication he showed towards his work.

Marklin gave Walter his 2014 Ford Escape.

Marklin showed his appreciation in the form of a gift and he did not even take time to tell Walter that he is giving him the car right now like he can go driving it.

Walter was taken aback by the gift.

Walter could not even believe that his determination towards his job will pay off like this. But his story truly is inspiring.

Click the video below to watch Luke Marklin gift Walter a new car!

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