16 People Who Transformed Their Scars Into Pieces of Art

Everyone has gone through something in their life and it leaves some mark somewhere in your life. For some people it is emotional and for some its physical, either way, it’s a symbol of an event. When the scars are physical they remind us of the battle more. 

We have the option of turning these scars into beautiful art. There is a tattoo artist Raquel Gauthier who is doing a great work of making these scars into masterpieces. 

Her artwork is so beautiful and soothing to look at. She helps people regain their confidence by transforming their marks and scars into art. There are a lot of people who suffer some either a disease or have gone through an operation or abuse which has left a scare on them. It is so traumatic for some people that they lose their confidence and as people say that art has the power to heal, it helps them look at themselves differently. 

After hiding away their scars because of the trauma. These artworks can teach people to embrace them and love themselves again. It is the little things like this that make the change.

According to some health experts, it is much harder to tattoo on scarred skin as it is hard skin and irregular to work on. It is different for different skin types and an artist has to understand it and work accordingly. 

Raquel is a wonderful artist whose work is incredible. Her designs and artworks are very unique and customized. Each and every tattoo looks like it belonged there. She loves creating art with botanical, animal, and fantastical elements drawn together.

She has more than 97.9k followers on Instagram.

Scroll down and enjoy the beautiful work of art by Raquel Gauthier below:

















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