An Artist Draws Sincere Illustrations About Her Relationship, and We All Want a Love Like This

Today we are talking about a Los Angeles-based artist  Amanda Oleander who creates beautiful and honest illustrations that captures a different side of a relationship. Her art shows not-so-perfect daily moments that every couple will experience daily. These are romantic moments but not like those we have been shown in the movies, they are more raw and real with a lot of imperfections.

Her art perfectly covers the cute and private moments that happen when none’s watching. 

Amanda draws these illustrations based on her own life.

When it comes to her relationship with her partner Joey, there are moments that she wishes were captured like cuddling on the couch or brushing their teeth together. So instead of a photo, she draws them.

She wants to lock those special moments that she had with her partner.

Artist explains that it is important to share the reality of relationships because everyone’s life is different not everyone will have the same experiences. Some might feel seen by the art some won’t but being real will make all the difference.

She got married to the love of her life joey in 2015. He loves featuring in her artwork. Amanda says even after 500+ drawings of them together he still gets excited to see the new ones.

Many have related to the content Amanda has been putting and they love the rawness of it. She has grown her Instagram community to 1.3M now and still growing.

Scroll down and find our best picks from Amanda Oleander‘s work.

#1 Netflix and potato

#2 Quality time

#3 Please do not leave

#4 Pure love

#5 The Mask kissing

#6 You are the power to my plug

#7 After a long day

#9 Me and you = Us

#10 Cozy days

#11 A perfect date

#12 You are my happy place

#13 Crazy in love

#14 I love the piggyback rides

#15 Exploring together

#16 Melting away

#17 New way of twining

#18 After a long day

#19 No Judgements

#20 Love watching you eat

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