6 Reasons Why Divorce Is Better Than a Bad Marriage

Separating with someone for your own happiness should not be the reason to feel upset. Divorces are tough we all know that but sometimes its better to do that instead of being unhappy.

#1 You’ll have a better chance to meet “the right one.”

Everyone wants to end up with the one. When you get divorced you get a second chance to meet people make friends and find the right one.

Some studies even show people who remarry are less likely to get divorced because this time they know themselves better.

#2 You can devote your energy to your own personal growth.

Being in an unhealthy relationship also takes a toll on your mental health. It takes a long time to recover from that and ends up taking a lot of energy. So after the divorce, you can go for a fresh start.

#3 You’ll feel happier.

Being stuck with a person whom you don feel happy with suffocating and getting out of it may feel like a relief. Life is too short to be spent in the hope of happiness. 

#4 Your kids will be happier too.

Many kids see their parents fight and not be happy with each other. This can affect them in the future because they learn from you and your relationship. If they see an unhealthy one they would think it’s normal to be like that.

So when the parents decide to separate the kids learn about happiness more.

#5 Your health might improve.

Focusing on your health when you are not happy in your relationship is difficult. You don’t feel like working out or taking care of yourself under stress.

#6 You will start looking better.

When you get out of an unhappy relationship you start looking better even if you don’t change anything else in life. The glow of being happy starts to show on your looks as well

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