Mom Defends Decision to Put Baby On A Leash

“I am not lazy,” she says. 

Desiree Hoye has attracted a lot of attention online and people seem to have a lot of opinions about her decision. Do we understand a parent’s greatest fear is losing their child but putting a leash on him? Is it justified? Kids may go missing and it is important to keep a strict eye but each parent has their way of looking after their children. 

Mom Desiree Hoye has attracted a lot of attention and reactions from parents around her for putting her kid on a leash. Keeping her kid on the leash has struck elicited adverse reactions. But, let’s hear her story. 

It’s not a leash, it is a harness. 

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She says, “Before I became a mom I would have been the person that said, I will never put my child on a leash, he is not a dog.”

She continues to explain her point of view. 

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She says, “Today and every day, I choose safety because I love my children more than anything in this entire world. I will gladly take a few awkward looks from strangers over never seeing his precious face again.”

Her decision certainly doesn’t seem strange. It comes from concern. 

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Kiddie harnesses aren’t widely used in the world and so, might attract elicit points of view. 

Her strong rationale is difficult to be swayed by words. 

The debate was even made to television shows. The Today Show even decided to touch on the topic. 

An agreeable takeaway is that a child harness is more a personal choice than a public requirement! 

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Some parents may be able to run and keep up with a fast kid who likes to run away and beyond. However, all parents can’t. A harness in such cases or as a personal choice can be a blessing to keep your child safe. 

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