Hero Neighbor Drops Everything and Runs to Crying Elderly Woman on a Walk

How often do you get to experience an act of kindness? In an age where people selfishly care for their own needs, we rarely see someone caring for a stranger. Aldon O’neill Ward III, however, did the selfless deed! 

Meet Mr. Aldon O’neill Ward III; a hero of his neighborhood. 

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There is a very good reason he is popular but that isn’t just his good looks. Mr. Aldon is a godly person who you’d wish to have as a neighbor. 

Recently in the light of the most devastating news, he did something incredible for a neighbor. 

Do you know what he did? 

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He hurried out onto the street and offered a total stranger the best hug ever!

He said, “My heart sank!”

He didn’t even know her name but that didn’t stop him. 

“She looked up at me through her large blinder style sunglasses and with a trembling voice said ‘I don’t have him anymore,” Aldon said. 

The story begins in 2011…

Mr. Aldon mentions, “Since 2011, I have seen an older couple walking the neighborhood every morning and evening. Matching windbreaker outfits, large white new balance sneakers and a stick in hand.”

They never exchanged names but smiled. 

They were always in a good mood; walking hand in hand and blowing off kisses to his dogs. 

The couple occasionally started chatting with Aldon. 

Over time, they started stopping by for quick conversations. 

Until recently, the story took a heart wrenching turn. 

Aldon was watering his plants and saw the elderly woman walking by. Waving at her, he jokingly asked, “Where’s the better half?”

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She slowed down but only shook her head! 

She looked up and said, “I don’t have him anymore.” 

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Aldon’s heart sank and rushed into the street! 

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He gave her a big hug like the one we give to our grandma. 

She immediately found comfort in the hug and sobbed into his chest for a moment.

She said, “I’m just trying to do the things that we used to so I still feel like he’s around…. I needed that.”

Sometimes, all you need is a big hug and some kindness to get through the day. And then the need to be reminded of being kind to people around us too.

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Random selfless acts of kindness like Aldon’s reminds us that God still exists between people. 

PSs! I am crying! 

Do you feel the way I feel? 

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