Mom beautifully reunites with the son she placed for adoption 33 years before

Usually when people start going through the process of adoption. During that time, they never see or hear from the real parents of his birth. But recently there have been some sweet stories about too many parents born. As a result of the increase in DNA testing available to the public. Melanie Pressley is so lucky that taking her DNA test changed her life forever.

She got pregnant when she was 18.

When first she expressed her desire to keep the child and raise it as her own. Her boyfriend at that time wanted her to have an abortion as soon as possible. Because he was very young at that time and the lover was not supported in becoming a parent. But at that time Melanie was determined to conceive as well.

After some time she realized that her becoming a single mom at that young age was not visible to her. That is why after the birth of the child, she left that child for adoption.

When she gave birth, she barely got to hold the baby.

The day Malani gave birth to a child. At that time she was not allowed to hold her son. After 1 day, Melanie asked the nurse to keep her child close. But the nurse also denied it. But later Melanie told News5Cleveland that the nurse told her that she would take her to a private room. So that she can hold her child there. When she caught the child, her sister had also taken a picture. For 30 years, she had only one picture of her child which was very valuable.

Every year on the baby’s birthday, Melanie would think about him more than usual.

After adopting the child, Melanie got married and had three children. She was living life happily but she was thinking a lot about the child she had left for adoption. It became more acute around June 17 when it was the birthday of her first child.

While Melanie spent 33 years thinking about her son, he was growing up and having a happy life.

The child was later adopted by a family in Virginia. And the child was named Greg. The child was about 10 years old when his parents told him that he had been adopted. Despite this news, the child took it seriously. The child didn’t know much about its real parents. He didn’t even try to look for it for a long time. This kid’s life has gone very well. He went to college, later he married and even had children of his own.

After many years, he decided he wanted to know more about his background. Fortunately, 23 and I were having a sale.

Gregory told that he and his wife were sitting and talking one night. They remember medical history and ask each other for history. At that time some 23andme promotion was also going on. So he decided to get tested.

Around the same time, Melanie also started to realize that she wants to find her son whom she had left for adoption.

Melanie didn’t take her DNA test until Spring 2021.

Very soon after giving the test, she got the result. Gregory Wessler was a potential match for Melanie. Melanie had realized deeply that he was her son. That’s why she also messaged him.

As soon as they confirmed their relationship, Milania asked the question. how are you? In response, Gregory said that he is good and is living a good life.

After months of emails and texts, Melanie and Gregory finally decided to meet up.

Both of them were very cautious. And before raising their hopes of meeting, they made sure that their relationship was really real.

Now, they are starting to work more on their relationship, and are slowly getting closer.

Gregory’s family ties began to strengthen after meeting his mother. And he started inviting them to family weddings as well. He also continued to talk to Melanie.

Melanie later told News 5 Cleveland that both the mother and son are very excited about their new relationship.

Watch the video below to learn more about this touching story!

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