Then Vs. Now Pics Show What Heroes Of Popular Memes Look Like Now

Days into 2021, social media appears to be booming with iconic memes that feature people and animals. January provides thousands of memes/jokes, and while the global pandemic, including ensuing lockdowns, remains unprecedented, more people are quite prepared for 2021. Interestingly, more than a few surprises are in store, mostly as the internet has decided to […]


Artist illustrates Her daily life struggles As A Women In 10+ Hilarious Comics

Belgium based artist Bella Sriwantana has created extremely relatable comics hinged on the struggles many face us every day. Bella’s comics are mainly about widespread efforts, and it does feature her long-term boyfriend. The illustrator and the graphic designer aim to make people smile as their feedback encourages Bella to keep illustrating. Aside from baking, […]


10+ Comics With Hilarious Plot Twists

When you find life hard to bear, you can always head to the internet world, the virtual world, for unlimited fun & Humor Reading Dark comics is one way a lot of people pass their time and enjoy some really Fun And Hilarious Content. Since these dark comics are so short and spontaneous, to say […]


Slice Of Life Comics For People With A Dark Sense Of Humor

C-section Comics is a pretty humorous webcomic series created by Idan Schneider that started in April 2010. Interestingly, the comics have no storyline but a few of its characters are recurring such as the character representing the author, the middle-aged dad, and the teenager. Idan’s comics deal with various interesting topics like death, love, religion, […]