Artist Recreates 10+ Famous Classic Paintings, And The Results are Amazing

I want to actualize great paintings from different cultures to show people that it’s much closer than it seems. I really love art, admiring beauty, and talent  My intend was to encourage everyone by my Replicas. I want everyone to look at paintings in detail. it’s important to understand the Beauty of Art.

So, I started to imitate pieces of art for the #gettychallenge.

I decided to do it daily for 30 days,  I’m still continuing and now I am on my day 130. I have recreated Middle Eastern galleries, ancient, Indian, Red Cross posters.

I do everything on my own: makeup, costumes, lighting And shooting With my phone’s camera, it’s really fun doing all things on my own using very simple stuffs which surround me at home.

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#1 Ilya Repin “Princess Sofia” (1879)

My expression in the painting looks like I’m ready to steal your candy or The Whole Russian Empire. LOL

#2 John Collier “Priestess Of Delphi” (1891)

#3 Konstantin Makovsky In The Russian Costume” (1900)

I Created this crown from 2 eastern hats, piece of golden lace and necklace.

#4 Caravaggio “Judith Beheading Holofernes” (1599)

I didn’t deliberately give this angry expression. I saw on the right someone pondering the artistic merit of the flower bouquet she just arranged.

#5 Tito Conti “An Italian Beauty” (~1880)

In this i assemble the stuffs to reassemble the Look and strong resemblance.

#6 John Everett Millais “Sophie Gray” (1857)

I think painter has made her blush too much. And that’s why this painting looks more Beautiful.

#7 René Gruau “Illustration For Dior” (1950)

In the original painting, the woman looks like she just spotted her ex at the party. LOL. It was a bit hard to imitate it, cause she is on the stairs. So I smiled.

#8 Giovanni Boldini “Portrait Of Lina Cavalieri” (1901)

People says I look like Michelle Pfeiffer here! I just tried my best to look like the original.

#9 John William Godward “His Birthday Gift” (1889)

I used Thermos in place of vessel. And I wonder people really notice small details to understand the Beauty of my Recreation.

#10 John William Waterhouse (1908)

I love These small stuffs. It helps me to recreate the amazing looks and match the level of originality.

#11 Paul Cesar Helleu (1900)

I think Maybe I related here.

#12 Khariton Platonovich Platonov (1903)

I tried to catch her expressions, her stance, her attitude. I think It’s look s like a savage evil.

#13 Abram Arhipov (~1900)

And.. another joyful portrait . I Hope here I nailed it again.

#14 Hermann Winterhalter (1854)

Facially different ofcourse, But imagery is pretty.

#15 Jean-Marc Nattier (1748)

To look different And match the originality is so difficult but fun at the same time.

#16 Frederick Arthur Bridgman (1900)

While recreation of this painting I felt I could be the model of this original painting.

#17 Tiziano Vecelli (1515)

Perfect recreation = If I have caught Mood perfectly.

#18 Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1655-60)

This recreation was real Fun.

#19 William Etty “The Seamstress” (~1820)

I never spare Details. It’s IMPORTANT.

#20 Giorgione “Judith” (1504)

People says she just has sword laying around the house… a sign of a truly great woman. But Is there only me who sees the hack in aluminum foil?
LOL I guess I captured the Mood so well.

#21 Frederick Leighton (1878)

I excellently recreated this pose But I think the painting girl have more faminine style.

#22 John Collier “Lady In Oriental Costume (1900)

Details are IMPORTANT. But I am certainly glad I did not chop off the top of my head to remake this one!!

#23 Eleanor M. Ross (1917)

This one is easy to match so I had created this costume with my white scarf, blouse, which I put on from the back side.

#24 Franz Xaver Winterhalter “The Princess Victoria, (1867)

Royal portrait. It was tough to Match this level of royalty in image.

#25 Karl Bryullov (1830-33)

Tried to express it well..!!

#26 Ilya Repin “Leisure” (1882)

I needed the bigger chair for Balance.

#27 Edwin Long “A Votary Of Isis” (1891)

While this recreation I felt that something about the modern eye make up that does not fit so well with this era.

#28 Ali Nemah “Resident Of Baghdad”

I find this portrait so extensional.

#29 Charles François Prosper Guérin (1906)

The book in the original Portrait looks so heavy. Thank god they don’t make books these days like they used to. LOL.

#30 Viktor Vasnetsov “Alenushka” (1881)

The difference between the portrait and imagery is, portrait looks like a sad cartoonist and imagery looks like Oh!! I fucked up again. LOL

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