Artist Recreates 10+ Famous Classic Paintings, And The Results are Amazing

I want to actualize great paintings from different cultures to show people that it’s much closer than it seems. I really love art, admiring beauty, and talent  My intend was to encourage everyone by my Replicas. I want everyone to look at paintings in detail. it’s important to understand the Beauty of Art.

My expression in the painting looks like I’m ready to steal your candy or The Whole Russian Empire. LOL

#2 John Collier “Priestess Of Delphi” (1891)

#3 Konstantin Makovsky In The Russian Costume” (1900)

I Created this crown from 2 eastern hats, piece of golden lace and necklace.

#4 Caravaggio “Judith Beheading Holofernes” (1599)

I didn’t deliberately give this angry expression. I saw on the right someone pondering the artistic merit of the flower bouquet she just arranged.

#5 Tito Conti “An Italian Beauty” (~1880)

In this i assemble the stuffs to reassemble the Look and strong resemblance.

#6 John Everett Millais “Sophie Gray” (1857)

I think painter has made her blush too much. And that’s why this painting looks more Beautiful.

#7 René Gruau “Illustration For Dior” (1950)

In the original painting, the woman looks like she just spotted her ex at the party. LOL. It was a bit hard to imitate it, cause she is on the stairs. So I smiled.

#8 Giovanni Boldini “Portrait Of Lina Cavalieri” (1901)

People says I look like Michelle Pfeiffer here! I just tried my best to look like the original.

#9 John William Godward “His Birthday Gift” (1889)

I used Thermos in place of vessel. And I wonder people really notice small details to understand the Beauty of my Recreation.

#10 John William Waterhouse (1908)

I love These small stuffs. It helps me to recreate the amazing looks and match the level of originality.

#11 Paul Cesar Helleu (1900)

I think Maybe I related here.

#12 Khariton Platonovich Platonov (1903)

I tried to catch her expressions, her stance, her attitude. I think It’s look s like a savage evil.

#13 Abram Arhipov (~1900)

And.. another joyful portrait . I Hope here I nailed it again.

#14 Hermann Winterhalter (1854)

Facially different ofcourse, But imagery is pretty.

#15 Jean-Marc Nattier (1748)

To look different And match the originality is so difficult but fun at the same time.

#16 Frederick Arthur Bridgman (1900)

While recreation of this painting I felt I could be the model of this original painting.

#17 Tiziano Vecelli (1515)

Perfect recreation = If I have caught Mood perfectly.

#18 Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1655-60)

This recreation was real Fun.

#19 William Etty “The Seamstress” (~1820)

I never spare Details. It’s IMPORTANT.

#20 Giorgione “Judith” (1504)

People says she just has sword laying around the house… a sign of a truly great woman. But Is there only me who sees the hack in aluminum foil?
LOL I guess I captured the Mood so well.

#21 Frederick Leighton (1878)

I excellently recreated this pose But I think the painting girl have more faminine style.

#22 John Collier “Lady In Oriental Costume (1900)

Details are IMPORTANT. But I am certainly glad I did not chop off the top of my head to remake this one!!

#23 Eleanor M. Ross (1917)

This one is easy to match so I had created this costume with my white scarf, blouse, which I put on from the back side.

#24 Franz Xaver Winterhalter “The Princess Victoria, (1867)

Royal portrait. It was tough to Match this level of royalty in image.

#25 Karl Bryullov (1830-33)

Tried to express it well..!!

#26 Ilya Repin “Leisure” (1882)

I needed the bigger chair for Balance.

#27 Edwin Long “A Votary Of Isis” (1891)

While this recreation I felt that something about the modern eye make up that does not fit so well with this era.

#28 Ali Nemah “Resident Of Baghdad”

I find this portrait so extensional.

#29 Charles François Prosper Guérin (1906)

The book in the original Portrait looks so heavy. Thank god they don’t make books these days like they used to. LOL.

#30 Viktor Vasnetsov “Alenushka” (1881)

The difference between the portrait and imagery is, portrait looks like a sad cartoonist and imagery looks like Oh!! I fucked up again. LOL

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