Disney’s Encanto Inspired 25 Artists to Share Their Gorgeous Artworks

Disney’s Encanto was truly an inspiring movie. The eye-catching cinematography, music and the characters, the movie was a sensation. It was so beautiful that it inspired like-minded people on Instagram, Twitter and many other social media networking websites. They all took to the internet to share their versions of the Madrigal family.

#2 ColinGoldstein3 sketches, “Have You Seen My Rat?”

#3 Kinschi sketches Morning Coffee And Kisses ☕️

#4 Waguri_341 sketches the Madrigal Selfie 🤳 

#5 Talk About Bruno by Sour_Lemmon

#6 CinnaVee sketches the Madrigal Sisters 🕯 like never before

#7 Kinschi brought the cutest version of PB&J 🧡💚💙

#8 Yonggall gave an artistic twist to “When You Call His Name…”

#9 All the grandkids got a Round-up 💪🏽🎵 by RyuunArt

#10 Yo, Hercules! by Tuherrus

#11 WHAT if Bruno was A Rat 🐭 by Bailey_Unknown

#12 MsPaintEncanto Mirabel got a modern makeover

#13 ZahraDraw‘s Encanto x Sailor Moon 🦋🌙

#14 You’ll be in awe with “Hear The Beauty 🦋 by Sennbee1027

#15 CazArts gave a beautiful art for “The Stars Don’t Shine, They Burn”

#16 JansenDraws “Okay But Can We Talk About How Absolutely Adorable Bruno Is?”

#17 Camilo And His Hands 👌✌️💛 by incredible SavannaEGoth

#18 Lalonyx gives “Rats We’re Rats Weeee’re The Rats”

#19 Nothing like the sweet and beautiful “La Familia Madrigal 🦋 by Ydk_Dny

#20 Family Bonding Time! by Innuko

#21 Bakuatsukiyu‘s “Yeah About That Bruno”

#22 Incandescent Sunlight🌞 by Yonggall 

#23 Kinschi_Draws knows “You Better Not Mess With Her Hermanito ⛈”

#24 Our favorite scene captured by MelonSharks as “

I Feel… Like I Missed Something Important

#25 Kianamaiart drew Full Control 🌦

Beautiful, aren’t they? Which one was your favorite?

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